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Happy monday everyone. Meet @antoniajuliab who is a new #berlinmobilephotographers because she was in South Africa before. She is an energetic and open minded Instagramer and I met her on #wwim9 / #wwim9berlin

If you organize Europes biggest Instameet #everchangingberlin with 200 people attending, there are personal benefits. Mine was to finally meet the intelligent, sensitive and beautiful @cirkeline in person. She is one of the photographers, that inspires me the most. I am so happy to have gotten to know her in the last days and to #makeportraits of her on #ecb_bbq thanks to #visit_berlin

Meet the beautiful @ellamsinger of the #berlinmobilephotographers She is a funny person to explore the Berlin courtyards with. She enjoys photo walks and is a good guide on them.

I am quite proud to have led the #everchangingberlin #ecb_portrait walk. Not only because I could share what I like but too because I met some experts in the field too. Here is @bobbyanwar a great photographer and videographer from Copenhagen. He is energetic and an open minded guy, that is fun to hang around with.

Gelato aficionados.

Good morning everyone. This is the last shot of my photos during the @juergentellerassignment And the first one continuing my people and portrait photography. Meet Michael (not on Instagram), my best friend since 27 years and thus an important person in my life. He is currently living in Amsterdam and working as an arranger and composer. A very talented guy and one of the funniest people to be around with. Photo12 – photo of an important person. #juergentellerassignment

Meet another one of the #berlinmobilephotographers @framedbyjad A director and photographer that is currently living in Berlin and learning German. This is never an easy task in an international city where almost everybody speaks english. But he is doing well. Meet him and many others on @everchangingberlin this friday. Recorded during #hubertusbad14

It is saturday and time for #berlinmobilephotographers Please meet Thomas one of the most relaxed and happy people I have met. He is honestly interested in the people he meets, keeps an open mind but is critical too. He is never afraid to ask in order to learn something.He is not only often a stand in for some photographers. But his own photographs are colorful landscapes and urban areas. And I figure the colors reflect his bright personality.

Meet the next #berlinmobilephotographers today: @borkeberlin He lives nearby and is a big fan of music, streetart and is an expert on cars. He enjoys exploring Berlin, be sure to check the profile of this cool guy.

Untitled with a lemon. Berlin, Summer 2014.


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