a mermaid story

I spent the weekend in the harbour town Hamburg and while walking at the riverside I could watch a beautiful meermaid leaving the water.

The mermaid then dived into the breeze of the wind and felt the light air riding in her hair for the very first time. She felt free and her worries got carried away into the horizon. She liked the new world outside the water…

The mermaid took her time under the sun and enjoyed the beauty of light for the very first time. It felt warm and comforting on her body and she did not regret a minute to have left the vast ocean. But she didn’t know yet, what was supposed to happen soon.

The mermaid, freed from the water, walked around and went into the fields to explore the land. The vast and empty space seemed strange to her, because no one was around.

The mermaid was wondering about the dry lands, is that what it was supposed to be like? Standing alone in the green? No one around? She missed the comfort of the water around her body. The warm flow and rythm. And it felt strange to be in the green without the gentle touch of ocean.

While thinking of the ocean the mermaid heard some noise coming closer. She saw the metal machine in the sky that created a horrible sound and she hid in the green even more. Her body was tense and she could barely move, she was so scared, that she couldn’t do anything at all. A cold shiver came over her and wouldn’t let her go. The plane in the sky passed but the feeling remained.

After the noise was gone, the mermaid ran out of the fields. And she ran for a while. She wondered what was the use of everything if there are no other fishes around like in the sea. She wondered why the wind was so lonely and careful. And she was thinking maybe it was a mistake to leave the ocean after all.

The mermaid went to take a break from everything. She went above to clear her head, but she realized, that she felt weak. The skies above the ocean weren’t made for here. And she, she wasn’t made for loneliness. Her feet got weak and weaker…

… in the end, she was not made for the waterless world. The beautiful mermaid trembled and fell of the roof. She couldn’t stand on her legs anymore all by herself. She wished to be held by the water again and she wished that so deeply, that she fell into the emptyness before being reborn one day. THE END.

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